Reliability Rides


Moonglu Cycling Club are pleased to be included as the 10th event in the Terrific Ten, a series of semi-informal rides open to all running from mid-January until late-March.

Moonglu CC Reliability Ride

The Storehouse will be open from 8.30am for signing on.

They will also be serving tea and coffee along with a selection of hot and cold breakfasts. Food will also be available at the end of the ride. Moonglu will also be open to deal with any emergencies.


Reliability Rides are for all abilities. Some Reliability Rides will set riders off in groups of average speed varying from 20mph to 12mph with the fastest riders leaving first. Others have no organised start, with riders setting off when they choose and riding with whomever they choose.

Traditionally the route is not signposted, but a basic route map or description may be provided. Nowadays GPS files are available, and you’ll find all the Yorkshire series routes below.

Riders then enjoy bike-riding banter over coffee and cake at the finish point. A Reliability Ride is a great way to meet and ride with new cyclists from different groups and clubs or to test your fitness against old rivals.

Details of ALL of the Terrific Ten Reliability rides can be found at this link: