Moonglu Cyclocross Racing

In addition to the MTB/gravel group Moonglu members also participate in cyclocross racing.

Situated where we are in Ripon it’s possible to take part in Cyclocross North East or Yorkshire cyclocross association races. Both CXNE and YCCA have a competitive winter series with races for children through to veteran. YCCA also host a summer series on Wednesday evenings when the lighter nights come.

Cyclocross racing is fun for everyone and is a particularly good environment to get kids into competitive racing in a safe car free environment.

Some of our members have raced at National Trophy races, regional championships, and the National championships. Occasionally you find yourself lining up with a world champion.

Whether you’re fighting it out at the sharp end of the race, or battling away further down the field, you can guarantee you will finish having had a great workout and a big smile. It’s also great for working on your bike handling skills too.