Yorkshire Reliability Rides 2020

2020 Yorkshire Reliability Rides.

Moonglu Cycling Club are pleased to be included as the last event in the Notorious 9, a series of semi-informal rides open to all running from mid-January until mid-March.

Thanks to everyone that participated in our ride. It turns out that we were lucky to host our event in what has been a difficult early season for a number of reasons. With all group riding now forbidden the Reliability Ride series is now finished until next year. After the success of the Moonglu CC Reliability Ride we look forward to hosting an event in the spring of 2021.

Moonglu CC Reliability Ride

The Storehouse will be open from 8am for signing on. They will also be serving tea and coffee along with a selection of hot and cold breakfasts. Food will also be available at the end of the ride. Moonglu will also be open to deal with any emergencies.

Further information about the Yorkshire Reliability Rides 2020 is available on the Struggle website.