Tutto va Bene for BWMewes

Lockdown has been tough for many people for a variety of different reasons. 

One of the few solaces I have found in this most recent - and hopefully final - lockdown is being able to go out and ride with one other person. Unfortunately for me, that one other person is a whippet of the highest order. I am of course referring to my good friend Ben Mewes. 

Ben is great company to have on a longer day out. What his shoulders lack in protection from the wind, he makes up for with his chat and charisma. The man is all legs and lungs, and whilst I would have more success in drafting a blade of grass, I know that my cycling has come on largely due to riding with him. 

Ben started cycling after the Tour de France came to Yorkshire in 2014. His imagination captured, Ben very quickly started riding faster and further. Ben gained racing experience cycling at Loughborough University and for TAAP Cervelo Racing Team before he competed in his first UCI races out in Martinique and Rhodes. 

Now, Ben is once again taking his racing overseas where he hopes to enjoy more “grippy, bergy days out”. Only last week, Ben flew out to Italy where he will compete in more UCI races with the U23 UK racing team  - Zappi. This is a massive opportunity for Ben and we wish him the very best of luck on his Azzurri adventure. 

Ben has been an invaluable asset to Moonglu CC. He has led group rides, encouraged people to further their cycling as well as providing a helping hand at the shop. Ben has always been very humble and grounded with his approach to cycling: hard-working and dedicated to his training, you would struggle to find a rider more deserving of this opportunity. 

in bocca al lupo! 


Tom Stringer

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