A runner for most of my life and new to road cycling in 2013, I was persuaded to join group cycling prior to Moonglu CC's official formation. To begin with I didn't think I'd ever be able to keep up, but determined to improve and with the encouragement of fellow club cyclists, I stuck with it and it's now only the hills that sometimes catch me out (working on that bit though!).  It's taught me some good bike skills which you wouldn't ever learn riding on your own, made me push myself both physically and mentally, and made some great friends on the way.  There's something about being part of Moonglu CC which has a certain amount of kudos alone.  For anyone thinking about having a go just do it - and don't give up even if you end up at the back - someone's got to be there and you can only get faster!

Club cycling should be just as much about having some fun both on and off the bike, as it is competitive - whether it's a cafe stop on a Sunday social ride or the monthly get-together down the pub!  My role is to develop a strong social side to the club which is inclusive to everyone, so if you have any ideas for an event, or would like to get involved in helping organise one, let me know.