Ripon City Crits

Ripon City Centre Criterium Races

Unfortunately the planned races in 2018 hit technical problems with NY Highways department which could not be resolved in time to make the event viable.

We tried again starting in November 2018 but unfortunately the newly elected Ripon City Council kept delaying putting the matter on their meeting agenda. It was finally very briefly discussed at a council meeting in January 2019 when we were informed that the funds that had been earmarked for the event would likely have to be used for the forthcoming UCI World Championships and that they could not give an answer until the next council finance meeting in April 2019. However, they also said that it was very unlikely that any funds would be available this year. Again, that is too late to make the event viable without funding assurance.

In the absence of any other funding source the event has been shelved for 2019. We haven't given up and plan to try again for 2020. There is a certain irony in the fact that the city's own cycling event is the victim of international cycling in the form of the Tour de Yorkshire and UCI World Cycling Championships both of which are visiting the city in 2019. Hay Ho..

This is the course we hope to use.