NYERRL 2017 Round 5 Results. Thu 22nd June 2017 hosted by Moonglu CC (Cundal circuit) and Video Edit.

On 22nd June Moonglu Cycling Club hosted round 5 of the North Yorkshire Evening Road Race League at Cundall Manor school. The race was a huge success thanks to great organisation and help from an army of club members. Thanks from Moonglu to all involved, participants and sponsors alike.   Click on our Gallery to see more photos, by kind permission of fellow Moonglu members.  Thanks to Gary Lawson for the video edit and drone footage.

Overall results

1. Chris Wilson Valley Striders CC Finished 3rd 15
2. Joshua Ferguson Newcastle Cheviot CC Finished 3rd 12
3. Lewis Jackson Wold Top Actif RT Finished 3rd 10
4. Toby Jarvis Finished 3rd 8
5. Jimmy Parvin Prologue Racing Team Finished 3rd 6
6. Jonathan Apaloo VC York Finished 3rd 5
7. Chris Kirby Cappuccino Cycling Club Finished 3rd 4
8. Daniel McDermott FTR Milltag Finished 3rd 3
9. Joseph Wilkinson FTR Milltag Finished 3rd 2
10. Daryl Maffey Yh Training Scarborough RC Finished 3rd 1

Video edit using drone cam courtesy of Gary Lawson Photography

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