British Schools Cyclocross Success for Jamieson & Young in the Yorkshire Regional Races


Today Nathan Young and Ella Jamieson took part in the British Schools Cyclocross Yorkshire regional races. Although entered in the names of their schools both riders were proud to sport the moonglu colours.

Ella was first to race, and despite spending yesterday in bed with a cold, she had a good start and quickly settled into race pace. Ella really displayed her strength as a runner in today's race. Often dismounting and choosing to run through the thick mud to very good effect. Often overtaking the boys in her race who continued to ride.

Ella was comfortably in second place in her age group and at one point was in first position when her strong opponent from Holmfirth suffered a mechanical. Unfortunately for Ella, only in her second race, the Holmfirth girl proved to be very strong and after some mechanical assistance (by me!) was soon got on her heels. Often at times Ella struggled to get clipped in as her shoes and pedals were so clogged with thick sticky mud (see my previous tutorial on the different types of mud) but managed to finish a strong second place. As a complete surprise the girl from Holmfirth actually goes to school in Lancashire and as a result Ella is now girls U12 Yorkshire schools Cyclocross champion!! £5 and a bag of gummy bears being the fruits of her labours!!

Nathan was feeling quite anxious before his race. Despite a good race at team CF Cyclocross in January he has had a flu like cold for the first three weeks of February and as a result done very little exercise. To make things that little more daunting he was in a very diminished field of some regular under and over 15s racers. Nathan had a reasonable start but was on the tail end of the field but comfortably in front of two other riders one from Otley and the other from Harrogate. The problem with being in this position is once the field has gone away from you it's hard to keep pushing as you find yourself in a bit of a void. Despite this, Nathan carried on riding with determination eventually lapping the Harrogate rider before the end and almost catching the boy from Otley. The main thing being that he came away from the race with a positive attitude.

Now we are all looking forward to the Yorkshire Cyclocross association summer series. Hopefully warm summer evenings and not too much mud!!!

If anyone is interested in giving cross a try then please don't hesitate to contact either myself - Peter Young, Paul Shears or Trevor Schofield.

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