Moonglu CC Thursday Night Rides

Thursday Night Rides

Thursday night rides are the focal point of the club.

We congregate at Ripon Market Square for departure at 18:30.

Dependent on the turnout, several groups of up to 15 riders are organised to cater for all abilities.

Thursday Night Rides will return on 29th March 2018.

Our Routes

We have a growing collection of mixed, flat and hilly routes ranging from 14 to 30 miles, which take in the best roads around Ripon.  There are designated experienced ride leaders who know the routes and can help with pacing, punctures and mechanical issues should anything go wrong. But mostly, we hope you enjoy the speed and momentum of safe group riding as much as we do...

Club Rules

Please familiarise yourself with the club rules before participating in any club ride.

N/b Lights are mandatory on all rides from 1 September.


2018 Format

Our Thursday evening club ride campaign will begin on Thursday 29th March 2018. Riders should begin to congregate on Ripon Market Square from 6.15pm ready to ride at 6.30pm. All riders are required to have at least a rear light fitted for the first few weeks until the daylight hours extend. If conditions are poor a front light may be sensible too.

Depending on rider numbers and senior riders there may be up to 5 groups riding out this year. In addition to our Group 1 (22mph+), Group 2 (20mph+) and Group 3 (18mph+) the club will organise an Introductory group and a Development Group.

Development Group

It was recognised that there was a large speed and ability jump between our Intro group and Group 3 with many Intro riders feeling unable to bridge the gap. The development group will aim to ride to an average speed of 17mph with a senior rider leading this group on a route between 20 and 25 miles. Aswell as encouraging riders to ride at a slightly faster pace, the group will help riders gain confidence in riding in a faster paced group in and around other riders.

Introductory Group

For 2017 we're relaunching the introductory group with better organisation, dedicated leadership and a new suite of great local rides ranging from 12 to 20 miles. This year we hope to consolidate and develop this group, with a focus on inclusion and guidance. While some riders might prefer to stick at this level, we'll be encouraging ambitious members to progress into the new 17mph group as and when they feel confident enough to move up.

Below are some routes that we have prepared for the 2017 Introductory Group. All the rides will be lead by a member of the club.


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